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WQFLT-400 Granules Elevator



This elevator lifts beans or other solid materials to cylinder automatically in order to save labor.

Technical information:

1.      Linear part:

① Main side panel:2.0mm stainless steel material, standard segment 2000mm, other parts produced by actual size; Supporting board adopts 1.0 stainless steel sheets and plates;

   ② Drive rollDriven roll: Stainless steelknurling drive roll to improve friction;

   ③ Ride wheel: Stainless rotary cylinder. External diameter: ф50mm;

   ④ Supporting frame: Welded by 30*60 stainless steel square pipe. Foot plate: Adopts adjustable foot plate 831 screw mandrel;

   ⑤ Connection strap: 3.0mm stainless steel material;

   ⑥ Accessories: Bearing with base (stainless steel); All types of screws etc;

2.      Conveyor carrier part:

Length of belt(effective length) * Width of belt*Thick(3.0mm)

Material: PVC food degree

Color: White

Thick of belt: 3.0

3.      Motor part:

Electric motor: Domestic motor:0.75kw

Stepless speed motor




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